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Saving Your Harvest
July 13, 2010, 7:28 pm
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Last year was the first time I made any solid effort towards preserving in-season foods.  My husband came into our relationship with a deep freezer, which I used to throw in the misc. bags of veggies I’d buy at the store.  Now, however, that freezer has a whole new meaning for me!  It is full of homemade stock, venison, grassfed beef, and until we ran out sometime early this spring; produce from the summer before.

Freezing produce is SO easy, a perfect stepping stone for those just starting to consider preserving food.  Not to mention the fact that frozen foods are typically far more nutritious than their canned counter-parts.  Here’s how it’s done.

How-to Freeze Produce

1.  Wash all your produce

2.  Some produce will need to be blanched in boiling water to preserve freshness and prevent spoilage.  Here is a fantastic chart for reference..

3.  Cover cookie sheets with a single layer of produce and set in your freezer.  This will help them to not stick together once you put them in their containers.

4.  Once the produce is frozen, transfer into containers, label with the date, and stick them back in your freezer.  You can place frozen food in any freezer-burn-proof container.  Last year I used plastic freezer bags, but this year as I try to avoid plastic in any way possible, I use glass jars.  They are great for stacking and you can see what’s inside!  Just be careful when you take them out as they can be brittle.

Look for a post on canning later this summer!  🙂


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