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Our Children Deserve The Best!
May 22, 2010, 12:49 pm
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Yesterday I received samples in the mail.. I LOVE samples!  I know they’re a waste of packaging, mostly hazardous to the environment, but I still guiltily love receiving them.  Well, yesterday’s sample was Enfagrow Premium.  Enfamil, the formula company, has made toddler formulas.  The package said “Vanilla” flavor.  Hmm.  Ingredient list? Whole Milk (Good), Nonfat Milk (Not Great), Sugar SCREEEEEEECH go my mommy breaks.  Excuse me, the formula you want me to feed my baby has listed its third ingredient as sugar?  Uhm.. No.  One 6 oz serving contains 17 grams of sugar and 170 calories..

According to Dr. Gerbstadt, Toddlers should receive the following:  1,000 calories a day, 25g of sugar

This ONE six oz serving of formula has MORE THAN HALF of the child’s daily allowance of sugar.  The packet itself weighs 36g.. almost half of the packet is SUGAR!

And we wonder why obesity is a problem in the good ole US of A.  *sigh*


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